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Are you feeling unhappy in your everyday life?
Maybe it’s because of a bad relationship,
work pressure or money worries?


Whatever the causes of your unhappiness, this book

will lay out a way of looking at yourself that can

transform your psychology and behaviour.

Find out about a new way to help you awaken

your innate happiness, strengths, purpose

and well-being in a practical way, including

a 21-day plan that is easy to integrate

into your everyday life.


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The Author

Dr. Colm O’Connor is a clinical psychologist and family therapist with over twenty-five years of experience in counselling and psychotherapy.


Based in Cork, he is Clinical Director of a large counselling agency and is a recognised expert in areas such as couples counselling, domestic violence, family therapy and personal well-being.

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Colm O’Connor shows us that when we exercise self-discipline and spiritual purpose, we can make something extraordinary out of the ordinariness of our everyday life.

Clinical Psychologist,

University of Limerick


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